Orientation and Check-In Update

We have some updates for students who have safely arrived in London and those that are delayed due to canceled flights:

  • Students arriving late should proceed to their assigned housing to check in – they can do so whatever time they arrive
  • We’ll continue with our plans for Orientation for those who have arrived already – as set out in the attached schedule. Students who arrive late will, of course, be able to join in with these activities once they arrive.
  • We’ll have a member of staff at Heathrow Airport arrivals at terminal 3 again tomorrow (Thursday) from 8am to 1pm in case students need assistance connecting with any of the local transportation options which can take them to their residence. The staff member will be (subject to running to the loo occasionally) be located by the Marks & Spencer shop on the left as students finish passing through immigration and customs formalities.
  • We’ll be running a repeat of the mandatory Orientation session which is taking place tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon for those who won’t be able to make it or who arrive in the morning and are too tired after all the delays to come along. The repeat session will take place on Friday from 5-6pm in the ULU Malet Suite (2nd floor).

Attachment: NYU London Spring 2014 Orientation Schedule

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Community Service Committee Update

If you tried to access the community service committee application last week and were unable to access, please try again. The site is up and running again! Read the whole blog post here.

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Passport required at housing check-in

Due to a recent change in the UK government’s immigration guidance, NYU London is required to check the passports of all new NYU London students upon arrival to the residence to ensure you have the correct Visa/ stamp to study in the UK. Please keep your passport in an accessible place once you pass through UK immigration, so that you can present your passport when checking in at your residence.

In addition, if you have applied for and received a Tier 4 Visa, NYU London must take a photocopy of your passport picture page and Tier 4 Visa pages to hold on file. You may wish to provide us with your own photocopy of these pages on arrival at your residence; if you do not have a photocopy of these pages with you, you will be required to bring your passport in to the Academic Centre during the first week of classes so that staff can take a copy. Further information will be provided at Orientation. 

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Passionate about service and fanatical about fundraising…?

Why not join the NYU London Community Service Committee?

The NYU London Community Service Committee (NYUL CSC) is a small group of students who are interested in promoting charitable activities to the wider NYU London populace. There are a small number of roles available if you would like to get further involved with service and charity events in London.

The committee’s role will mainly be focussed around organising fundraising events for BBC’s Comic Relief, helping organise NYUL’s part in the showUcare initiative, and helping to run one-off volunteering activities. There will be a short training session that will take place on Saturday 1st February and after that, CSC members will be expected to meet at least bi-monthly to discuss events and activities.

Have a look at the roles below and consider signing up if any of them appeal to you – all roles will require you to work as part of the wider team to help make events and fundraising activities a success.

–          Treasurer | The Treasurer will be responsible for putting together budget proposals for events and submitting them to appropriate staff members in a timely fashion; liaising with the Finance and Operations Department to arrange the collection of monies; ensuring that other committee members observe the approved budget; and making sure that receipts are submitted in a timely manner after events.

–          Internal Events Coordinator | The Internal Events Coordinator will be responsible for taking the lead on organising internal fundraising events and working with the Treasurer to put together budget proposals for these events; arranging for the staffing of fundraising events from the committee itself and from external students; and liaising with NYUL staff about fundraising events.

–          External Events Coordinator | The External Events Coordinator will be responsible for taking the lead on organising external volunteering events and working with the Committee and Student Life staff to arrange student leaders and effective promotion of one-off volunteering events; looking into opportunities for one-off volunteering events in, and around London; and working with the Treasurer to submit budget proposals for one-off external events.

–          Fundraising Coordinator | The Fundraising Coordinator will be responsible for coming up with fundraising ideas and working with the Internal Events Coordinator to make them happen; working with the Treasurer and Internal Events Coordinator to submit budget proposals for fundraising events; and taking charge of arranging donations for fundraising events.

–          Promotions Coordinator | The Promotions Coordinator will be responsible for drafting promotional materials for internal and external service events and drafting emails to send to students about Committee events; arranging outreach events designed to tell other students about upcoming events; and arranging the sale of tickets for events that require them.

We are also looking for 2 General Coordinators to offer assistance to the other members of the Committee – if you’re interested in getting involved but none of the above positions interest, why not consider becoming a General Coordinator instead and do a little of everything?

In return for your commitment to the Community Service Committee you will:

  • Receive a $50 Amazon.com voucher (if you do at least 10 hours of community outreach work)
  • Receive training to help you go about your role in the Committee
  • Have the option of requesting a reference
  • Be invited to attend an optional ‘thank you’ dinner at the end of the semester
  • Have a great experience that will enhance your CV

Sign up here: www.surveymonkey.com/s/csc-application

NYU London csc

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Pre-Departure Survey Now Available

You should have received an email with access to our pre-departure survey, and are now able to submit feedback regarding your experience.

As previously mentioned, NYU’s Office of Global Programs strives to provide students with the best possible experiences and services as they prepare to go away, and we would like your feedback to know how we are doing and where we can improve.  Please take a few minutes (really, it will only take a few minutes!) and complete. Your answers are anonymous and will help us as we prepare for future semesters.

Thanks so much for your assistance!

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Reflecting on your Experience Away

You should have now largely completed your study away to-do’s.  As one last recommended to-do, we would like to challenge you to think about how you will document and reflect on your experience away.  

Your 3-4 month journey will go by with the blink of an eye, but you will create memories that last a lifetime.  Consider creating a blog, both for your own benefit and as a way to share the experience with your family and friends.  If you haven’t already, keep in mind joining the team of students blogging for ThisIsNYU throughout the Global Network.  

Here is information on how to sign up.  


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Be GlobeSmart

In order to have a successful semester away, you should be prepared to experience different ways of interacting with the people and culture of your new city.  GlobeSmart is a web based tool that provides quick access to knowledge on how to communicate effectively with people from over sixty countries around the globe, as well as links to research about American stereotypes, cultural and ethical relativism, and tips for maximizing study abroad.

Learn more about creating and understanding your cultural profile here.  


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